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Hippocampe sec taille 14cm-35cm 100-300 pcs kg

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Minimum order for Size 14cm-35cm 100-300 pcs/kg is 50kg.
We ship with CITES permit, Export License, Quarantine certificate and all legal Documents.
Supply ability per month: 2500kg
Available right now in stock: 18000kg

What is the use of Dry seahorse?

dry seahorse, Hippocampus patagonicus, often known as, is used in medicine. sec According to the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, sea horses have warm and pleasant characteristics and are related to the Liver and Kidney meridians. Asthma, throat infections, sleeplessness, and stomach pain are among the problems that sea horses address. Seahorse Medicine is expanding quickly.

Seahorse Breeding Secrets – Dry seahorse

In an aquarium, seahorses can reproduce more easily than any other marine animal. In captivity, males and females have simple sex relationships, create enduring pair bonds, and breed continually throughout the year. frequently re-mating within a few hours after giving birth to their most recent brood. They don’t have particularly demanding aquarium requirements, other from their feeding schedule. They can withstand temperature and salinity changes because they are bay fish. Due to the water conditions, most other exotic fish would quickly perish. dry seahorse.

All of this has led some aquarists to the conclusion that all it takes to successfully breed seahorses is placing a mature male and female in their own tank, supplying them with high-quality water and an abundance of nutrient-rich live meals, and letting nature take its course.

It’s rarely that simple, though. Seahorse reproduction is influenced by a variety of subtle parameters, and ignoring even one of them might make breeding attempts ineffective. To make matters worse, even the most seasoned aquarists can easily ignore these elements because they frequently seem like trivial features and irrelevant considerations.

Over the years, I have had a lot of messages and phone calls from bewildered hobbyists and aquarists who are baffled as to why their seahorses refuse to pair up or breed for no apparent reason. These difficulties’ analysis have been highly instructive to analyze. Most of the time, the issue turned out to be some minor detail or bothersome concern that the unfortunate hobbyist had simply never considered to be problematic.

Thus, in this article, we will discuss the ten most common mistakes. Seahorse breeders make and how to avoid these pitfalls.


14 avis pour Dry Seahorse size 14cm-35cm 100-300 pcs kg

  1. Doug McMillon

    Ce n'est que la quatrième fois que j'achète un hippocampe à votre entreprise, et les services à chaque fois que je commande sont tout simplement incroyables. La bonne chose est que je reçois toujours une bonne qualité de taille 14cm. Mes autres clients de Hong Kong ont maintenant besoin de plus de 800 kg par mois. Nous ferons donc des affaires à long terme. Merci encore car votre qualité est très bonne, tous mes acheteurs sont satisfaits de votre qualité.

  2. Lévis Rasna

    Je vous ai recommandé à mon frère au Vietnam et quand il a commandé 160 kg, il est arrivé dans les 3 jours. Je vous remercie vraiment d'avoir fait en sorte que ma confiance en vaille la peine. C'est pourquoi je continue à commander chez vous encore et encore et je suis fier d'être votre client régulier. Je continuerai à acheter chez vous pendant tant d'années à mesure que mon entreprise se développera.

  3. Hélène Moores

    J'achète tous les mois et mon envoi arrive toujours à l'heure, je vous recommande vivement à tous ceux qui ont besoin d'une entreprise prospère
    Hélène Moores

  4. David Harley Carson

    Cher Dry Seahorse Danemark, Notre société vous remercie beaucoup pour la fidélité et la ponctualité à faire affaire avec nous pendant cette période.
    Nous serons toujours reconnaissants, la qualité des calculs biliaires et des hippocampes que nous commandons chaque semaine a toujours été la meilleure. Nous continuerons à faire affaire avec votre entreprise aussi longtemps que vous nous le permettrez. Merci

  5. Massoud Mohammed Elias

    我很惊讶我的货物很早到了。 我的香港兄弟告诉我你是最好的供应商,我不相信。 但现在我很自豪老板。 你运的100公斤是我需要的非常好的质量。 我的老板现在会一直向你购买。 谢谢你的信任。

  6. Mansoor

    Dear I have seen some of your products.

    Can you send me a detail quotation regarding the dried sea horses.

    Send me a detail quotation of the dried sea horse.
    1.English Name
    2.Scientific Name

    Required Total Qty. 700kg per week

    Sizes1. ( 100-200pcs/pkg ) 300kg per week
    Sizes 2.( 200-300pcs/pkg ) 250kg per week
    Sizes3. (300-500pcs/pkg) 150kg per week

    Dried. 100% , No dust, no smell

    Whatsapp +971551789705

    • administrateur

      Greetings Sir,
      We have replied to you.

  7. Chen Wang


  8. Jack Neyms

    Après avoir cherché des fournitures légitimes pendant si longtemps, j'ai réalisé à quel point vous êtes légitimes. Je suis désolé au début de ne pas vous avoir fait confiance, mais maintenant je suis vraiment très reconnaissant de la façon dont votre entreprise a fait croître mon entreprise ici en Indonésie. C'est avec une joie profonde en moi que je viens vous remercier encore et encore. Je reste votre fidèle cliente et cliente.

  9. Nguyên Chen

    Ông chủ của tôi rất hạnh phúc cho hai chuyến hàng cuối cùng, chất lượng rất tốt. Chúng tôi đã nhận được 800kg vao thứ Bảy. Chúng tôi hy vọng sẽ làm kinh doanh lâu dài với công ty của bạn cho đến năm tới.
    Tôi tên là Nguyễn Chen

  10. Kenloi

    we looking for size 15-19cm.

    • administrateur

      We have written you an Email.
      You may also wish to contact us at Whatsapp: +4571673263

  11. Nguyen Tiên Đồng

    Receiving for the 6th time was as great as the first, just for fact that at times your shipment delays, so i will advise you insist on the shipping company to deliver always on time.
    Nguyen Tiên Đồng

  12. Dorji

    I am looking forward to buy the product and I will be your one of the regular buyer. Please contact me via my email to discuss further regarding the qty, specification and port to be delivered

  13. Val

    Please, contact me via my email.

  14. Suhan

    I need it to India please provide me details

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