Crab rege roșu de Alaska întreg


  • Responsibly Sourced in Alaska and Norway
  • Crabs Weigh From 4 Lbs. Up to 7+ Lbs.
  • Fully Cooked and Flash Frozen
  • Limited Availability
  • Giant 5-6lbs = $150
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Whole Alaskan Red King Crab for sale

Whole Alaskan Red King Crab, Give your family or friends a feast that will please both the eyes and the stomach. Whole Alaskan king crabs are delivered overnight to consumers’ doors as a service provided by Maine Lobster Now.

The meat from our flash-frozen, thoroughly cooked Alaskan king crabs has the fresh-off-the-wharf flavor. These striking crabs would make a stunning centerpiece for a dinner party, Christmas gathering, or summer patio barbecue. It delivers a ton of meat and is ideal for special occasions.

Crabmeat leftovers can be used in well-known dishes like crab mac & cheese. Don’t pass up the chance to order a whole red king crab now and savor the tastiest sweet crabmeat on the market because the harvesting season is limited and our supply runs out quickly. Stock up on ingredients like cocktail sauce, butter, and lemons to go with your king crab flesh.

Responsible Alaskan King Crab Harvesting

At dry-seahorse Lobster Now, we are aware of how closely Maine and other coastal communities across the world are tied to the long-term sustainability of seafood products. We exclusively deal with fisheries that responsibly harvest king crab to ensure continuing access to these crustaceans for future generations in order to be able to provide you with Alaskan king crab meat today and in the future.

Where your crabs come from

Our Lobster Now sustainably gets whole Alaskan king crabs from two different parts of the world as part of our dedication to sustainable seafood. You guessed it—the Alaskan coast in the Bering Sea—has traditionally been the source of Alaskan red king crab.

We also get our Alaskan red king crab from a migratory population that has grown and become invasive up north of Norway. This aids Norway in fending off the danger and preserving a more robust ecology in their waters while making sure the cherished seafood is taken utilizing conventional, sustainable techniques. We don’t get our crabs from Russia like many of our rivals do because of the country’s inadequate enforcement of sustainable fishing practices.



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