Sığır safra taşlarının ağırlığı

Sığır safra taşlarının ağırlığı

Weight of Bovine gallstones, It appears that bovine gallstones are being treated with child gloves in meat factories, as pristine examples can sell for up to €35,000/kg in the Far East, rivaling gold bullion prices.

The catch is that they are extremely rare. “They’re like gold dust, but they’re extremely rare,” the Irish Casing Company’s Paul Daly remarked.

“They aren’t present in every animal; perhaps they are more prevalent in older cows.” You’re referring to the weight of an animal in grams. A kilo could take a plant a year to produce; you must pick them and dry them – they cannot crack. They must be handled with caution. “They’ve been graded.”

In traditional Chinese medicine, the stones are used to cure hepatitis, as well as liver and cardiac ailments. Some seniors in the beef game have even indicated that they are utilized as an aphrodisiac in Japan.

What are Cow Gallstones Uses in Chinese Medicine

Since the beginning of the meat processing industry in Ireland, they have been taken from elderly cows. Because of the increased emphasis on the value of offal and other by-products, Irish factories identified Japan as a valuable outlet for bovine gallstones.

Over the last year, Dryseahorseforsale business Ltd has been creating a network of suppliers. According to a spokeswoman, their family has always been connected in the cattle industry, and they currently collect gallstones from facilities around Europe. They gather them using a unique procedure that includes a dry box.

Cow Gallstones For Health and Cosmetic Purpose

“They’re really rare.” He claimed, “You might slaughter 2,000 animals and not find anything for a month.” “It’s not as straightforward as people believe. People must understand how to buy and what quality to expect.

There is also a lot of fake merchandise. So if you don’t know what you’re doing, you risk losing your money.” A representative also stressed the importance of quality, which might vary greatly.

Gallstones are believed to be placed in safekeeping by factories that come across them during processing. Gallstones have been stolen from slaughterhouses all around the world for their black market worth, prompting the heightened security.

Gallstones are small, hard lumps that grow in the gallbladder as a result of bile, a digestive fluid, and can be quite painful. Stones arise in cattle as a result of issues with the heart and liver.


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