Cow Gallstone

Cow Gallstone

cow gallstone, Cattle Gallstones, Ox Gallstones or Bezoars: What Are They and What Do They Mean In Chinese Medicine. As the name implies, they develop in the cow, ox, or bison gallbladder. Typically round, triangular, or square in shape, gallstones can range in size and color from yellowish-red to brown-orange.

Bezoars have been used for a very long time in both Chinese and other types of medicine. You might be wondering what a modern, high-tech gallstone from an ox can be used for. Gallstones are still used—and sworn by—to treat some of the following illnesses because traditions are difficult to break.

The bezoar is said to clear the heart, refresh the spirit, and get rid of phlegm, delirium, or coma. Additionally, it cleanses the liver, gets rid of toxins, and stops convulsions and tremors.

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