Fish maw

Fish maw

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    Dried/Frozen/Fresh Fish maw

    US $10-50 / Kilogram
    1000 Kilograms (Min. Order)
    Moisture: 48-50%
    Net Weight: 30% glazing no compensated
    Processing: Salted, Dried(AD), skinless, boneless,PBO
    Quality: Dried Fish maw without chemical, 100% natural and of High Quality Product.

    19-30 pieces/kg(small),
    14-18 pieces/kg(medium),
    4-6 pieces/kg (large)

    1- Datina maw
    2- Eel maw
    3- Cat fish maw
    4- Corvina maw
    5- Koral fish maw

    size : 13~22cm
    weight : 100-110 pieces/kg

    size : 10~15cm
    weight : 100-110 pieces/kg

    *Siluro: 5 to 15 units per kilogram.
    *Seabass/Corvina: 60 to 95 units per kilogram.
    *Silver/Dorado: 50 to 85 units per kilograms.
    *Bagre: 90 to 130 units per kilograms.

    Product Description:
    We are reputable seafood wholesaler in Malaysia. Fish Maws are collectible, you can always pass it on to your next generations. Our fish maw is rare, hard to find the same any else. WE have 10 – 20 years old fish maws. Our Fish maw is extracted fish air-bladder that is cleaned and natuallly sun dried. Fish maw is a delicacy in chinese cuisine. When cooked, it has a gelatin texture and tastes bland. To add taste, it is often braised or double boiled in soups. The fish air-bladder is extracted from fishes that commonly found in the seas of Asia, New Zealand and United States.The bigger the fish, the bigger the stomach, thus the higher the price is commands. The quality of fish maw depends on the type of fish. Fish such as sturgeon, hake, conger-pike, croaker and carp commands high price for its fish maw. Reason is that these fishes have large and developed air bladders. There are also other factors that may affect the price of fish maw. Male fish’s air bladder is thicker and thus command a higher price. If is a winter caught fish, its fish maw would also be more expensive than usual. Good fish maw, has to be yellow in color. The richer the color, the better it is able to maintain texture through an extended period of cooking. Furthermore, the older the fish maw, the better. Reason being, it has less oil and less fishy taste. It is believe that fish maw contains high level of collagen, which improves complexion of a person. Furthermore, it is good for the lung and is a cure for persistent cough. Sometimes, patients who had operation would also drink its soup, which helps to heal the operated wound.

    – treating tetanus, episodes of hemorrhage or women suffering from lumbar disc herniation
    – Cure weak physiological
    – Cure stomach
    – Heal the wound
    we assure that we can supply products in large quantity, high quality with a very competitive price.

    Packaging & Delivery:
    Packaging Details: 12-15 kgs/ carton (PE bag inner)
    Delivery Time : Within 15 days
    NB: CFR air shipping (Cost & Freight) or DDP international courier (All included!).

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