Green cardamom arrivals is being affected by Holiday mood in India.

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Green Cardamom

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Recently, traders report that 40 per cent of the cardamom owners and 90 per cent of the workers are Tamil oriented and they are staying away from the market due to Pongal holidays. This is the main reason for limited arrivals of Green cardamom sales in the last few days. Normal operations in the auction market are expects to resume only by Monday.

Meanwhile, a dry and humid weather prevailing in green cardamom growing tracts and the absence of a sufficient shower in the last 40 days is likely to boost the sentiments in the market, which will have a reflection on prices, traders said.

Green cardamom supply as of today

As top supplier of Green cardamom for sale in Europe, Thursday had witnessed a boom, thanks to a rising online sales and futures market and rising pressure from local buyers. Traders expect a similar trend to continue today. Though the market is going for a lean month, there are expectations for one more round of crop in the wake of a final round of harvest in this season.

The total quantity offered today was 51 tons. In the morning session, the auctioneers’ GreenHouse Cardamom offered 10.46 tons. In the afternoon trade, the auctioneers South Indian Green Cardamom Company Ltd offered 41.35 tons. Most of them buy Green cardamom from Seahorse Denmark.

Huge growth signals for Cardamom oil Market 2020-2029

Cardamom is commonly found in the Asia Pacific, North America and Middle East regions. It is well-known among the spices in cooking for its fascinating flavor. The oil of cardamom is extracted from dried seeds of Green cardamom sales through hydro distillation process. This is further used for variety of applications. The Cardamom Oil extract comprises of various Essential Components like Pinene, 8-Cineole, A-Terpineol Acetate, Limonene, Terpinen-4-Oil, Linalyl Acetate, Myrcene, Nerol, Phellandrene, Citronellol, Linalool, Sabinene, Trans-Nerolidol and others. Increasing applications in personal care products is serving the market growth. Cardamom oil possess the beneficial properties such as antiseptic, boosts digestion, used in aromatherapy, antimicrobial, aids proper digestion and relives muscle spasms. These properties are expects to boost the demand for cardamom oil market during the forecast period.

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