how to pack cow gallstones

cow gallstones packing process

Cow gallstones, Put dry ox gallstones into more than one sealed plastic bags and then seal them with adhesive tapes. Wrap the bags with foams or papers in case of collision. Place the bags into a carton and seal the carton with adhesive tapes. The carton should be no less than 20 cm long or wide in case of getting lost due to the small size.

What is Cow Gallstones?

Ox gallstones, cow gallstones,cattle gallstones also known as calculus bovis,niu-huang or ox bezoars are dried gallstones of cattle used in Chinese herbology. It’s Chinese name is 牛黄.

In Asian countries calculus bovis are harvested when cattle (Bos taurus domesticus Gmelin) are slaughtered.
Their gall bladders are taken out, the bile is filtered, and the stones are cleaned and dried. In western countries they are usually discarded. Its equivalent in Vedic culture is Gorochana. It is a expensive Traditional Chinese Medicine.

How to process wet ox gallstones ?

As the ox gallstones just taken out from an ox’s stomach are wet, the dirty things on the surface need to be removed and then they need to be kept in a dry and cool place (it normally takes 3-7 days). Keep them away from direct sunlight, otherwise it will cause cracks and powder.

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