Refined Sunflower Corn Oil


Buy refined Sunflower oil = US $ 1/kg (10,000 kg Min order)

Buy refined Corn oil = US $ 200/Ton (50 Tons Min order)

Buy refined Soybean Oil = US $150/Ton (100 Tons Min order)

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Buy Refined Edible Corn Oil, Sunflower oil Brazil Origin.

Buy refined oil online, Our refined corn oil & refined sunflower oil for sale are selected light yellow seeds, light flavor and aroma, perfectly suited to today. It is specially suitable for use in cold sauces and seasonings, making it ideal for light diet consumption, healthy and balanced. We also supply Refined Soybean Oil & Groundnut Oil. Buy refined oil cooking oil online Europe.

Buy Refined Corn Oil online – Wholesale supply corn oil

We offer Crude as well as Refined corn oil in bulk. Crude corn oil is a vegetable oil that still needs to be refined, while refined oil is ready for consumption. Corn oil for sale is also known as maize oil. Buy refined oil at wholesale prices online.
Specific Gravity at 25°C 0,915 – 0,922
Refractive Index at 25°C 1,47 – 1,474
Iodine Number 103 – 128
Free Fatty Acid < 0,1%
Moisture 0,0% Max
Appearance Clear and Bright
Odor and Flavor Odorless and Bland

Refined Products with HIGH OLEIC content

We offer both crude and refined sunflower oil in bulk. Crude sunflower oil is a vegetable oil that still needs to be refined, while refined oil is ready for consumption. To complete its product range we presents refined winterizado high oleic sunflower obtained from selected seeds, characterized by its richness in oleic acid, which causes you to have excellent performance in frying. Buy edible refined oil online.


Specific Gravity at 20c 0.916-0.923
Refractive Index at 20c 1472-1474
Iodine Value 120-143 .
Unsaponification 2.5 Max
Free Fatty Acid 0.1% Max.
Peroxide Value 1 Max. (meg/kg)
Color Max. 2 Red (on 5 Lovibond cell)
Moisture 0.1% Max best buy refined oil for sale online
Appearance Clear and Bright
Odor and Flavor Odorless and Bland

Why buy from us?

This pale yellow colored oil, extracted from sunflower seeds, is high in poly-unsaturated fats and low in saturates. As a very stable oil, Sunflower oil has a long shelf life, without hydrogenation. Buy refined oil for sale at cheap prices

Sunflower oil has high content of linoleic acid healthy edible oil. Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as coronary heart disease, stroke, cerebral thrombosis, arteriosclerosis, hypertension increased, and long-term consumption of oil products suitable, can have greatly improved the symptoms. A very good sunflower oil is healthy in fats, now in many parts of the world, sunflower oil has become the first choice for consumers and chefs.

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