Freeze Dried Shrimp


$1500 / Metric Ton
5 Metric Tons (Min. Order)

Packaging & Delivery:
Packaging Details: 12-15 kgs/ carton (PE bag inner)
Delivery Time : Within 3-5 days
NB: CFR air shipping (Cost & Freight) or DDP international courier (All included!).

Freeze Dried Shrimp, Dried shrimp for sale online. Buy Dried Shrimp online, Freeze dried shrimp wholesales. Our dry shrimp contains Min. Crude Protein 60%, Crude Fat 6%, Max Crude Fiber 2.5%, Max Moisture 5%.

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Freeze Dried Shrimp for sale online

Freeze dried shrimp for sale, used whole or chopped in Chinese and South East Asian cuisine. Soak in cold water to slightly soften and reduce saltiness. Dried shrimp are also very popular in Mexico, in soup, rice, salsas and in scrambled eggs. Shrimp belongs to a large group of crustaceans with extended abdomen. It is one of the most important commercial seafood in the world.

Omega One Freeze Dried Shrimp are an excellent high-protein food to add to the staple diet of carnivorous and omnivorous fish. Our shrimp makes a great addition to salads or seafood delicacies. These delicious shrimps are just the right size for appetizers and salads.

Quality Control of our shrimp

We sift all Aquatic Foods Premium Freeze Dried for dust removal and graded for size. Keep in mind Freeze Dried is fragile. So, there may always be smaller pieces and some powder within your order.

Importance of freeze-dried shrimp for humans

It Has a 25+ Year Shelf Life. Our shrimp is dried, so it can be stored long term and without needing refrigeration. Perfect for emergencies, just soak in water for at least 6-8 hours, cook thoroughly, then enjoy.

  • Perfect for boiling, grilling, sauteing, or frying
  • One can weighs about 10 oz
  • Shrimp is uncooked and peeled
  • Every can is sealed in an oxygen/moisture free environment
  • Store in a cool, dry place.  Freeze dried shrimp  for sale
  • Packaged in #10 size can (gallon can)
  • Manufactured, procured and packaged in Denmark

When will your shrimp food expire?

The manufacturer guarantees the minimum shelf life of 25 years from when the food was made. To find the manufactured date, look at the label on the can. Dried shrimp for sale


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