Dried Cuttlefish bones


Dried Cuttle-Fish Bones
US $550/Ton
110 Tons per month

Grade 1: 3 – 10 cm
Grade 2: 10 – 15 cm
Grade 3: 15 cm up
– Color: White
– Style: Dried, cleaned
– Moisture: 3 – 10%
– Broken: 3%

+ Calcium-rich Supplements Feed for Birds, Chinchillas, Hermit crabs, Reptiles, Snails, Tortoise, Chicken, Duck…
+ Precious Medicine for Stomach ache, Bleeding, Anti-inflammatory, Pain relief…
+ Cuttlefish Bone Powder also used widely to grind the metal tools in Silver, Gold production Sector
+ High-up Fertilizer.

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What is Cuttle fish bone?

Cuttlefish bones for sale, refers to the internal cartilaginous shell of the cuttlefish, a relative of the squid and octopus. You can boil them, dry and prepare as powder for herbal remedies. In the Cuttlefish, the cuttle bone is filled with gasses and helps control the fish’s buoyancy in the water. Cuttlefish bone for sale is typically smooth and white, with small, wavy lines or ridges.
The shell is rich in minerals such as calcium and carbon, and contains more than a dozen amino acids.

In traditional medicine, cuttlefish bone has salty and warm properties, we associate it with the Kidney, Liver and Stomach meridians. Its functions are to stop bleeding, harmonize the stomach and improve kidney deficiency. Internally, you can take it to help stop bleeding of the uterus, enuresis and premature ejaculation. Some patients with stomach problems may take it to combat acid reflux disease and some intestinal disorders. Topically, cuttlefish can be use as a poultice to treat skin rashes, ulcers and lesions.

Health benefits of cuttlefish bones for sale online

Cuttlefish bones are nutritious mollusks that can improve your health by providing considerable amounts of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

  • Cuttlefish is low in fat content and whatever amount of fat they contain is mainly compose of unsaturated fatty acids like DHA and EPA.
  • They are an excellent source of vitamins. Contains riboflavin (vitamin B2) that plays a vital role in metabolism.
  • They are also a great source of minerals. It is a rich source of selenium, which functions as a potential antioxidant and prevents cell damage caused by free radicals.


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