Deer Antlers for sale


Product Name: Hard, Fresh, Red Deer Antlers
$1500/Ton : 1 ton (Min. Order)
Supply Ability: 467 Tons/Year

-Red deer antlers (cervus elaphus)
-Fallow deer antlers (dama dama)
-Roe deer antlers (capreolous capreolous)

Most are Fresh, Hard and Big red deer antlers antlers:
*Length 85-100cm
*Base diamter 38-50mm
*Weight per antler 2-3 kg.

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Deer Antlers for sale

Musk Deer antlers for sale are perfect for decoration or for crafts. Example, Pairs wild Musk deer and Stag Antlers. We sell them in pairs of deer and stag antler. we only sell the best sets which are in good condition with no chips or wear.

Our musk deer Antlers come from the roe deer, red deer & fallow deer. We regularly update our stock with new items and offer a huge range of antler sizes fit for any room. On our website, we sell a limited number of antlers. We encourage you to come to our warehouse where there are many more sets available to buy.

Hard, fresh, Antlers for export – Musk deer antlers for sale

We have over 22 years’ experience in the deer antler business.  We supply freshly gathered, naturally shed, hard antlers that we collect during springtime.

Red d-antlers (cervus elaphus)
Fallow deer antlers (dama dama)
Roe deer antlers (capreolous capreolous)

Musk deer antlers for sale (Moschus moschiferus)

We export with the following certificates. Sanitary certificate, Certificate of origin & EU Traces certificate for intra-community orders.

Buy antlers with velvet online 

They are made of bone-material which makes them durable and helps prevent them from breaking easily. Are the perfect tool for crafting. They can be made into pens, canes, letter openers, lamps, and many more items. Deer antlers for sale.

buy antlers either for your home or to grace the walls of a hotel, pub or shooting lodge. They vary in size from tiny Sika antlers right up to an impressive set of Red antlers stag. They come from a number of different sources. Musk deer antlers for sale

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– Bighorn Sheep Horns. Ovis Canadensis or Bighorn sheep horns. Price $850 .

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