Frozen Lobster tails for sale


Product Name: LiveFrozen Lobster, Frozen Lobster tail
Scientific Name: Nephrops norvegicus
Size: 6/8 ,8/12,13/15,16/20,21/25,26/30,31/40,per kg
Packing: 20kg /carton
Freezing: IQF
Net Weight: 100% N.W.
Certificate: HACCP, EEC, ISO
Catch method : Trawling catch
Sizes : 300/ 400, 400/ 500, 500/800, 800 up
Sizes : 300/ 400, 400/ 500, 500/800, 800 up

What are lobsters?

Frozen Lobster tails for sale, Lobsters are a great source of selenium and also contain omega-3 fatty acids. They can help protect against thyroid disease, depression, and anemia. Lobster can serve as the main source of protein in a meal. Defrost frozen lobster in the refrigerator, not at room temperature. You may also want to know frozen lobster tail for sale price.

How to cook lobsters

Cooking Frozen Lobster Tails is very easy. Completely thaw lobster tail in the refrigerator. In a large kettle, bring enough water to a boil to cover lobster tails. Add 1 tbsp. salt, if desired, for each quart of water. Place thawed tails in boiling water. When water returns to a boil, reduce heat and simmer (do not boil), covered for 5 min for a 4 oz tail. Add 1 min for each additional ounce. Remove from pot. Plunge into an ice bath to stop the cooking then drain. This is the best way of how to cook lobster tails.

Where to buy Frozen lobster tails for sale 

Purchase fresh lobster from your local fishmonger or the seafood section of a supermarket. We are top premium suppliers of Frozen lobster tails. Order from us. opt for frozen lobster tails because they retain more of their nutrients than tails that are already thawed. Frozen lobster for sale.

Don’t eat the pale green substance in the lobster, called the tomalley. Why? because it can contain contaminants from the ocean water. Enjoy a steamed lobster tail with a small amount of melted butter combined with minced garlic. Shred cooked lobster meat into a salad, or use it in place of tuna when you make a tuna salad sandwich. Add cook lobster meat to corn chowder, or sprinkle it over your favorite pasta salad recipe.


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